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We Accept High-Risk Business Multi-Currency Processing Platform Alternative Payment Solutions(E-commerce) Advanced( EMV) Terminals & Contact-Less (NFC) Payments We do business in All continental U.S, Canada and 33 European and international destinations (certain criteria apply)

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Industries we Serve

Save Payments Merchant Services has the experience and capacity to handle all merchant credit payment processing needs in the following industries. And if you don’t see your industry listed, it would not necessarily mean that we can’t help you, you could simply call us at 1-800-505-5937 or email us at and we’ll be glad to further assist you.

Travel & Other High Risk

We have multiple trusted banking partners who can handle the most hard-to-place type of business in industries such as internet marketing, travel… etc. We say yes when most say no, come apply with us and experience the difference.

Internet Marketing

We’re very experienced with the internet marketing business model and understand it well.  have the ability to approve a merchant account for your internet marketing business model. We say yes when most say no, come apply with us and experience the difference.


We’re very versed at providing secure and solid payment options and solutions for the Ecommerce business model including our own proprietary gateway. We have some of the lowest costs in the country and the most secure and reliable cutting-edge technology. Call us and experience the difference today.


Whether you’re a charity or a community outreach group, we have the payment products to make your charitable efforts more effective and successful. Let us supply you with dependable, secure, and easy-to-use electronic payment options to support your philanthropic fund raising and donation acceptance methods.


We understand the unique needs of conducting business in the automotive industry be a small or a large dealership or dealerships under one ownership. Our payment solutions range from the standard payment methods, E-Check, Online Shopping Cart to gift cards, recurring payments and more. We offer an effective, security-compliant and integrated total payment solution package to streamline all payment acceptance forms with back end reporting features and support.


We provide educational institutions and their students with secure, 100 percent pci-compliant, and convenient ways to process payment in different forms like E-check or credit and debit-card transaction. These methods of payments can be used at bookstores, student dining areas, special events, or just merely to pay tuition.


We recognize the unique needs of your business and we can offer you a host of cost-saving, robust, secure and efficient payment options that can integrate all your electronic payments forms in a streamlined environment.


We are equipped to set-up government agencies with robust electronic payment platform to accept payments of all types. Our platform is cutting-edge, secure, integrated, PCI-compliant and comes with many reporting options.


We have the experience to provide you with the best payment products to fit your needs whether you’re a one-office health provider or practitioner or have multiple departments and specialties. We can save you money and increase your bottom line.


We help set-up your business with the best payment technology out there using a proprietary integrated platform that will provide you with detailed reporting up to the minute in real time. So, whether you have one location as a mom and pop shop or a franchisee with multiple locations, we can set you up with payment options to multiple locations all at once in a smooth manner.


We have the necessary technology and options to integrate all your payment options in a seamless manner that would make your operation more efficient whether you’re using a POS system, virtual terminal or taking orders by phone or through an online shopping cart. We can integrate all your payment needs and make it easy for you to reduce cost and track your transactions online in real time with our online reporting access.


Doesn’t really matter whether your operation a one-man show or a whole fleet, we have cost-cutting, secure and reliable payment solutions to fit your budget and needs. Our payment solution for transportation service providers like Taxis, Limo service, and other forms of transportation is designed to make your payment acceptance method hassle-free, reliable and cost-effective.

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Account Merchant FAQ

Account Merchant FAQ